This is the registration page for the Oppie Cadets Improvers & Intermediates for 2020

To participate in this course children are required to have previous sailing experience equivalent to IOCA2 or RYA2 and also their own Optimists

The minimum age to take part is 7.

The next course starts in April 2020 and the course will run until the end of October with breaks for summer and events at the club.

The cost of the course is £50 which is payable by BACS details in the welcome email – NO CHEQUES PLEASE AS ALL THE BANKS HAVE CLOSED DOWN

Course fees go towards the running of the Oppie Cadet sessions.

Any questions please contact us HERE.

Oppie Cadet Improvers / Intermediates Registration Form

For insurance purposes all Oppie Cadets must be family members of the club. This form can be completed to reserve your place and places are issued on a first come first served basis. If you are not already family members then you can still complete this form as long as your membership is in place by the time the course commences.

It is a Club requirement that all children participating in Optimist Class training sessions have a parent or guardian on site at all times.  However it is not always possible or practical for every parent or guardian to accompany their child throughout every activity (especially on the water) and therefore the Club assigns competent and DBS (including barred list) checked individuals to supervise on the water activities. Responsibility for the children transfers to parents/guardians the moment the children are off the water, including when they are on the Club premises.

Sailors Details

* Sailor Must be 7 Years Old
Has the sailor previously completed the Oppie Cadets beginners course @ LRSC?
The sailor must have previous sailing experience equivalent to IOCA Level 2 or RYA Level 2. If they do not have any experience then please register for the beginners course. Answering No to this question will mean that your child will be unable to participate in this course.

Ability & Experience

The sailor must be able to swim at least 25m with the aid of a buoyancy aid.
Has your child sailed before? If so please add a few words about their experiencce (how much (RYA level/ICOA grade etc)

Parent/Guardian/Person with Legal Responsibility

Alternative / Emergency Contact:

Parental Involvement

The Oppie Cadet group is run by volunteers and cannot run without your help and support. We are trying not to formalise duties whilst you are there but we have different jobs each week that need to be undertaken. Please indicate here what you would be able to do during the sessions:

The success and enjoyment of the group depends on your involvement

Medical Information

Use of Images Consent

In accordance with our child protection policy LRSC Ltd will abide by the Conditions of Use below.  If you have any concerns about the way images are being used, you should inform Ms Sally Holman LRSC Ltd Secretary immediately.

    1. We will normally only identify a child by reference to the child’s first name.
    2. We will not use personal details or full names (ie. first name and surname) of any child to accompany a photographic image on video, on our website, in our organisation brochure or any other electronic or printed publications without good reason.  ‘Good reason’ includes using the full name of a child in a newsletter to organisation members if the child has won a trophy or award.
    3. We will not include personal email or postal addresses, telephone or mobile numbers on video, on our website, in our organisation brochure or in other electronic or printed publications.
    4. We may use group photographs or video with very general labels, such as ‘Cadet Week’.
    5. We will only use images of children who are suitably dressed, to reduce the risk of such images being used inappropriately.
    6. Photographs or video may be used for coaching purposes or by officials during competition to illustrate incidents on the water.
    7. Commercial sale of any form of media will be limited to the organisers or their official photographers.

Consent for Use of Images

I grant to the organisers without payment the right in perpetuity to make, use and show any motion pictures, still pictures and live, taped or filmed television of or relating to the event.

I agree to notify the organisation of any relevant changes in my child’s circumstances.
I confirm that my child is not under a court order.


Conditions of Participation

Parents or guardians must remain on site and are entirely responsible throughout Oppie Cadet for the health and safety of their own children and their boats at all times.  Group leads reserve the right to exclude any child from Oppie Cadet for persistently bad or dangerous behaviour

Parents MUST ensure their child’s boat and equipment is suitable and properly maintained.  Eligibility requirements for boats are seaworthy condition and third party

Parents MUST ensure that a valid Certificate of Insurance, which covers the boat and the child (including adequate third party legal liability insurance cover for a minimum of £5,000,000).

Neither LRSC Ltd, nor Oppie Cadet volunteers accept liability for any injury, loss or damage sustained by any child or to any of his/her property as a result of taking part in Oppie Cadet.

LRSC Ltd reserves the right, at all times, to cancel sessions at our sole discretion.

LRSC Ltd must be informed, at the time of accepting a place, of any medical condition affecting the participant, or of any medication taken by the participant that could affect their taking part in the above sailing session, e.g. asthma, epilepsy, heart conditions.  LRSC Ltd reserves the right to refuse a place to anyone on medical grounds.

Parents must ensure their child’s ability, experience, clothing, food, fitness and temperament are suitable for each Oppie Cadet session. In particular your child should be able to swim 25 metres and should have reached their 6th Birthday by the start of the Oppie Cadet season.

Parents must ensure they and their child understands that instructions given by Oppie Cadet volunteers on shore and in the safety boats must be followed at all times. If a child is deemed to be too cold /unable to cope with the conditions and is taken ashore, they must accept this authority, as must the parent

If any injuries are sustained or damage to valuables occurs, participants are to notify the club’s staff immediately.

Group Leaders have the right to decide on the suitability for sailing from the health and safety implications of state of the weather, craft, children, or anything else that jeopardises safety

Ensure that children do not play in the water during Oppie Cadet sessions and ensure that buoyancy aids are worn by everyone on the pontoons and when on the water

Each Child and Parent will be required to SIGN/TALLY IN at the Oppie compound each day before they go onto the water. Each Child participating will be required to SIGN/TALLY OUT at the end of the session to indicate that they are off the water

All participants are accepted on the understanding that any instructions or directions given by any member of the club’s training staff are to be observed.  Participants are asked to respect the equipment provided; compensation will be sought from anyone deliberately causing damage to equipment.

LRSC Ltd reserves the right at all times to refuse or restrict the use of facilities.  The right is also reserved to evict anyone who refuses to comply with the conditions as stipulated, or who behaves inappropriately or, in any way, causes damage or annoyance to any other persons.

I the parent/guardian, of the above named child, hereby acknowledge that I have read and completed all sections of the Oppi Registration form above, including conditions of participation, and the LRSC Ltd Child Protection Policy and Procedures and that I fully understand them. I have explained them to my child/children, who understands and agrees to abide by them.

NOTE to participants, parents and guardians:

Please also familiarise yourselves with the Club ‘Safeguarding Good Practice guidance’ and ‘Code of Conduct’ which are available in the Club Room or on-line on the website here