How to join, How much? etc.

Lyme Regis Sailing Club tries to cater for the needs of all, young or old, experienced or inexperienced. You don’t have to own your own boat to belong. There is nearly always somebody looking for crew! There are various categories of membership which are shown in the chart below.

Membership Forms:

2020 Online membership form

2020 Membership Application Form – Hard Copy Print Out and Send in – To be used if requesting dinghy or car parking and other amenities

2020 Temporary Membership Application – Available to members of other clubs for up to 14 days at the special rate of £50 per boat. This includes slipway launching fee (at a special club rate), use of the Club premises and showers when open and providing reasonable notice is given we can find some space for you to store your boat.

2020 Membership Fees are as Follows:

  • Single adult £118.50
  • Adult over 75 with 10 years continuous membership £106.50
  • Family/Partnership £176.50
  • Family/Partnership over 75 with 10 years continuous membership £159.00
  • Junior/Youth £57.00
  • Social £68.50
  • Out of port £22.50
  • Joining fee of £20.00 (adult/family) or £10.00 (junior/youth)

Additional Options / Fees

Car Parking

There are 3 levels of car parking available:

  • Car Park Full £124.80 // SOLD OUT
  • 24/7 Most of the year except for a few occasions e.g. when cruisers being moved.
  • Car Park Mid Week £62.40 // SOLD OUT
  • Monday to Friday Including Weds Evenings
  • Car Park Limited £37.80 
  • Monday to Friday (Except Bank Holidays & Weds Evenings from 5pm)

If you are interested in adding this benefit to your membership then please contact our Membership Secretary (Fiona Common) on

Dinghy Park

  • Dinghy Space (1/4/xxxx – 31/10/xxxx) £60.00
  • Laser Rack Lower £50.40
  • Laser Rack Middle £37.80
  • Laser Rack Top £25.50
  • Optimist Rack £10
    Multi hull space £90.00 No Longer Available
Membership Categories:
Full Member
Being a person aged 18 years and over on January 1st of the subscription year and not in full time education.
Shall include one or two adults (aged 18 years and over on January 1st of the subscription year) and all children up to the age of 22 years of the age on January 1st of the subscription year in full time education living at the same address. Both family/partners shall have the same rights and privilages as Full Members.
Youth/Student Member
Being a single person aged 10 to 22 years who is (a) in full time education, and (b) parent or Guardian is not a member as of  January 1st of the subscription year. Note : members aged 10 to 18 years of age do not have voting rights.
Social Member
A non-sailing member who may use only the facilities available in the club house. A social member shall have only limited(as defined by the Committee) access to the Car park facilities and shall not be entitled to sailing facilities or voting rights.
Out of Port Member
Only available to ex Full or ex Family members; see Club Rule 10.1.J.
Temporary Member
Primarily intended for summer visitors from another club, may be granted in categories similar to a-d above. (i) Such a member shall have full use of the Club facilities for a period not exceeding 14 days in any one year and subject to approval by two members of the committee, and includes temporary parking of one boat and provision of launching permit subject to payment of relevant fee, for that period. (ii) Shall not have the right to take any part in any management of the club (e.g. no admission to the General Meetings or entitlement to vote). (iii) Shall have no right to introduce guests or visitors to the Club or its facilities.