If you have a last minute requirement to get out of doing a duty and are unable to find a swap then, as a private arrangement between you and them, these people have put themselves forwards as stand ins.

Volunteers for Duties 2016 Duty Contact Email Exemption
Nick Cook Rib Driver, PJ Driver 07841 994143 or weekends 07557 902728 nick.cook@live.co.uk
Chris Joyner Rib Driver 01297 442644 chrisjoyner@lrss.org.uk
Tom Waspe Rib Driver,Crew, AOD, PJ Crew 07979 198015 tom.waspe@hotmail.com before June
Hilton Davis Rib Driver 01297 443759 hilton.davis@outlook.com June
Jim Thomas Rib Driver 01297 443481 or 07748 492856 jrhyst@hotmail.com
Simon Boyle Rib Driver,Crew 01460 221748 simon@boylefamily.freeserve.co.uk
Amanda Wright AOD, PJ Crew, Rib Crew 07854 694917 boatcleaner100@gmail.com
Josh Sharland Rib Driver,Crew or Beach 07850 249055 graham.sharland@btinternet.com
Martin Birchall Rib Driver,Crew,Beach 07810 839732 martinjbirchall@gmail.com
Peter Thomas OOD or Rib Driver 07846 262907 mail@peterthomas.co.uk
Haigh Mansergh PJ Crew, AOD, Beach 07768 242875 manserghs@hotmail.com
Jake Stow Rib Driver, Crew, AOD, PJ Crew 07780 469699 jake.stow@btinternet.com
Joanne Crocker AOD, PJ Crew, Rib Crew 01823 480864 jason@crockers.net
Jason Crocker AOD, PJ Crew, Rib Crew 01824 480864 jason@crockers.net