This is the Duty Preference Form for 2020 Duties.

Please complete and submit this form for each full and family member over 18 years of age indicating your duty preferences for the coming season.

This will enable us to allocate duties which suit you and not just the sailing programme.

Full details on duty allocations can be found here Duty Preference Procedure

This form is to be completed by 31st December 2019

Members Details

Duty Exemption

Non Sailing Members¹, Social Members, Members with poor health can apply to be exempt from undertaking duties. If you wish to apply to be exempt from doing duties please indicate your preference here. Applications to be exempt from duties will be considered by the committee. If the matter is of a personal nature then please contact a member of the committee in confidence before filling in this form. You are also able to buy yourself out of duties if you really can't face doing them. For a fee of £150 you can buy yourself out of duties for the year. If you wish to do this then a BACS payment must follow within 7 days of submitting this form otherwise it will be assumed that you have changed your mind and wish to do duties. ¹ Non Sailing Member is defined as a member who has never sailed and is never likely to sail. They might, for example, be included within a family membership but only because they are the spouse or parent of members who do sail.
Please provide information regarding your request using either of the options below or the 'other' box, for example, if you are a non sailing spouse or partner, a social member or if you feel that you would be unable to do them for health reasons. If the matter is of a personal nature then please contact a member of the committee before filling in this form.

Duty Choices & Linking

Please note that if you select RIB Driver or RIB Crew duties it will be assumed that you consider yourself to be sufficiently physically fit and able to enter the water in order to assist members and that you will be appropriately dressed in a wet suit or dry suit.

Duty Availability & Qualifications

Please select the days / activities for which you are ABLE to do duties. You MUST choose Sunday or Wednesday or both, Tues and Saturday mornings are optional
1. By ticking these boxes, you are confirming that the qualification is valid and up-to-date.
2. Drivers of the Club Power Boats must have RYA Power Boat Level 2 (or above) and have been approved by the club based on their experience. They should also have the RYA Safety Boat qualification or equivalent.
3. If you or one of your family have chosen 'Power Boat' on the basis of prior experience, and Club Approval has not yet been given, please give a brief description of your experience and abilities in the box above.
4. Race Officer (RO) qualification has only been given to those people who have previously done an RO duty or are considered competant to be RO

Duty Confirmation

I have read the Duty Preference Procedure and understand my responsibilities.