All members will receive a welcome email from duty man. For those that have been allocated a duty a second email has been sent with details of duty type and date.

Members eligible for duties

Please log in and check your duty dates using the link at the bottom of your welcome email.

This can also be accessed via this link http://www.dutyman.biz/dmmain.aspx?id=L0001555 or clicking on the club website sailing tab then duty man.

To confirm or request a duty swap.

Once logged in select the calendar view and your duties will be highlighted in red. Click on this date (your duty will be highlighted in red) and click on the Info button next to the duty type.

A selection will appear, simply click ”confirm send reminder“ or “swap requested” .

This will be updated automatically and you will not need to inform the club office that you are available to do your duty or are requesting a swap.

It is important that members confirm their duty, the office will call members a week prior to their duty if this has not been selected.

To swap duties with another member

Once logged in, click on the duty that you wish to swap. The swap symbol will be showing on all swaps that have been made available.

Click on the duty(ies) that you would like to swap with (Max 20), Dutyman automatically emails sent all parties until a swap is agreed.

Once agreed the system will automatically update with the new duties.

Additional duties.

If a member has agreed to do your duty as an additional the same procedure is followed.

The member that has agreed to do the duty must log in to duty man and select “ Volunteer for duty “ on the right hand side and select the duty they have agreed to do.

This will then be automatically updated.