Dinghy Park Rules & Regs



The Following Fees Are Applicable for the Dinghy Park

Dinghy Space (1/4/xxxx – 31/10/xxxx) £60.00
Laser Rack Lower £50.40
Laser Rack Middle £37.80
Laser Rack Top £25.50
Multi hull space £90.00


  1. People who use their boats, maintain them in sailing condition on a serviceable launching trolley  will be entitled to keep their boat in the dinghy compound.
  2. Racks are provided for the use of dinghies that have easily removable masts (Laser, Topper, Pico etc.) and spaces will be allocated on these racks if there is insufficient space on the ground.
  3. Any usage counts whether it be cruising, racing, training or just going out for a sail.
  4. Boats will be initially allocated a position in the dinghy compound, but this may be changed during the year depending upon usage levels.
  5. Boats not used each month will be identified.
  6. If a boat is clearly not in a fit state to sail you will be given one month to either put it into sailing condition and use it or remove it.
  7. If you are not expecting to use your boat for any significant length of time (eg a month) then you must let the dinghy park supervisor, Dave Stubbs, know when you next expect to use your boat. You may vacate the compound and if applicable obtain a partial refund and request to go on a Priority Waiting list.
  8. Owners of boats that are infrequently used will be asked to vacate their space
  9. A full set of the new Dinghy Park Regulations is below.
  10. Temporary dinghy park space may be available. This will be charged at a rate appropriate to the length of stay.


These regulations are made under the authority granted to the Committee in paragraph 6(b) of the Club Rules.

1. Use of the Dinghy Park

a) Use of the dinghy park is restricted to members, temporary members and honorary members of the Club.
b) The dinghy park is only available for the temporary storage of boats in active use and spaces may not be sublet.
c) Members not using their boat shall be requested to remove it from the dinghy compound and will (on request) be placed on a Priority Waiting List should they wish to actively start using their boat again.
d) The space in the dinghy park shall be managed in a way that promotes participation in cruising, racing or training activities.
e) Spaces may only be used on acceptance of a completed application form, the appropriate fee and any other amounts owing to the Club.
f) Racks are provided for the use of dinghies that have easily removable masts (Laser, Pico etc.) and spaces will be allocated on these racks if there is insufficient space on the ground.
g) Any boat that is derelict or is clearly not in a fit state to be used may on the orders of the Boat Park supervisor be removed from the dinghy compound and stored in another location.
h) Any boat that is parked in the dinghy compound without permission or for which the term of paid stay has expired shall be removed from the dinghy compound at the owner’s expense.
i) Notices may be issued by the Club Secretary to request that the dinghy park (or part thereof) be vacated for up to four weeks in any sailing season.

2. Liability

a) The Club accepts no liability in any way whatsoever for any loss or damage to boats stored on the premises or any third party loss or damage caused by them.
b) Neither the Club nor any person acting on the authority of the Club shall be liable for any loss or damage to any boat or other equipment that is moved in accordance with or as a consequence of the LRSC Dinghy Park regulations.
c) Owners are advised to ensure that they are adequately insured for such risks during the period of storage.

3. Conditions of use

a) Boats must only be stored in the space allocated and must be secured in such a way as to minimise risk of overturning or movement in high winds
b) Every attempt must be made to secure halyards and rigging in such a way as to minimise noise generation during storage.
c) It is the member’s responsibility to keep the space allocated for his boat, clean and tidy and clear of sand and rubbish.
d) Road trailers are not permitted in the dinghy compound unless no part of the road trailer is wider than the dinghy space allocated. Any additional road trailer length shall be added to the dinghies overall length and charged according to the prices relevant at the time (if applicable). Before any road trailer is permitted in the compound, prior permission must be obtained from the Dinghy Park supervisor.
e) Boats not stored on racks must be stored on launching trolleys (or trailers if permission has been granted under 3.d) that are in good working order.

4. Use of wash down stand.

a) Members are entitled to use the wash down, but are requested to ensure that it is left clean and tidy, with the water turned off and the hose properly stored.

5. Re-allocation of spaces

a) The Sailing Committee (or its nominated representative) reserve the right to move or re-locate any boat to a new space within the Dinghy Park, so long as the owner is notified of its new location.
b) Any boat that is not actively used may be moved at the Club’s expense out of the Dinghy Compound to another location so long as the owner is given at least 30 days notice in writing of the proposed action, such notice to be sent to the last known address as notified by the owner.

6. Charges

a) The charges for the use of the dinghy park will be as set annually by the Committee.
b) Charges for temporary use will be based upon any of the following periods: weekly, monthly or quarterly.
Any dinghy owner who has not removed his/her boat by the last day of the period for which the space has been allocated will be charged at the weekly rate and surcharged £5 per day until such time as the space is re-allocated to him/her or the boat is removed.
c) In the case of temporary members desiring to use the dinghy park, the fee charged will be based on the number of weeks the boat is in the park.
d) If at any time, any facility charges payable to the Club, by any member or former member shall be four weeks or more in arrears the Committee shall be entitled to move the boat to any location without being liable for any loss of or damage to the boat howsoever caused.
e) On acceptance of the application form and payment of all charges the Boat Park supervisor will allocate a suitable space and the Club Administrator will then issue a boat park sticker to the boat owner. This disc must be prominently displayed on the boat as soon as possible and in such a way that it is available for inspection.

7. Monitoring Usage and Demand

The Sailing Committee shall draw up guidelines for allocation of spaces in the Dinghy Park in accordance with Regulation 1 d) and shall take steps to monitor the usage of boats and the demand for spaces and shall be responsible for defining and publishing guidelines on what constitutes “active use” in respect of these Regulations.
Approved by the Committee on 10th November 2006