Southern Area Albacore Title won by Lyme Commodore

Jerry Rook sailed all of the 5-race meeting with crew Jake Stow to win the Albacore Southern Area championship. Albacores have been sailed at Lyme since the 1960s, the mounded hull well suited to sea conditions. Ideal Lyme south westerlies and rolling waves held throughout the weekend.

Club racing was run in conjunction with the Albacores, as well as Bart’s Bash on Sunday morning in Aid of the Andrew Simpson Foundation.

The Foundation, set up in Bart Simpson’s memory, gives disadvantaged young people access to sailing. It is based at Weymouth Academy.  Bart’s Bash, now in its fifth year, is held across the sailing world within a 24 hour slot over measured distance and time so that international placings can be computed.

With crew Fraser Earle, Crispin Read-Wilson battled for third place overall in the Albacores, behind Nev Herbert and Mark Fowler from Parkstone in second. Jerry and Jake led only by a discard of one place, so close was the competition.


Jerry and Jake focus intently to keep maximum boat speed and ahead of Crispin and Fraser close behind. Photo David Beer

The tidal flow helped to keep starts clean. Turnarounds between races were slick, minimising extra time spent on the water. There were gear failures and capsizes, consistency and completing all races were key factors.

Jon Turner and Katie Frost came first in the club Handicap series ahead of Cameron and Darrol Moss.

At the end of a tiring two days, Lyme’s Commodore received the Albacore Southerns trophy and thanked his club’s team, a supper by Darrol Moss received special mention.


Jake holds the Albacore Southerns trophy, centre, with Jerry Rook right. Left, Vice Commodore Dave Stubbs.

Photo Dave Beer.


Albacore Southern Area Championships (one discard)

  1. Jerry Rook and Jake Stow, Lyme Regis, (1,1,2,1)
  2. Nev Herbert and Mark Fowler, Parkstone, (1,2,1,2)
  3. Crispin Read-Wilson, LR, (2,4,4,3)

Club Autumn Series, Races 3 -7

  1. Jon Turner and Katie Frost, Merlin, (1,1,2,1,2)
  2. Cameron and Darrol Moss, RS 800, (- ,-,1,2,1)
  3. Simon Heusen, Phantom, (2,2,3,3,3)

Reported by Sally Holman