Sailing Racing 14th May 2017

A top turnout of 28 sailing boats took to the water to make the most of the long-awaited ideal conditions on Sunday morning.

A steady SW breeze, F 3 for the first race of the Early Summer Series, had increased to F5 with steep, deeper waves by the third, giving changing conditions over the 3 different courses.

Race officer Simon Clark, a keen sailor and kite surfer, was kept busy with 3 classes to start and commented on the perseverance of the 5 young Optimist competitors, two of whom finished all three of their races even as the seas built.

Consistent overall among the dinghies were top helms Jon Turner and Chris Turner, while five chose not to continue after one race and two more returned to shore before the third. Phantoms and Merlins are leading the series, with K1s in contention.

Among the Cruisers, three competed, and Rob and Margaret Wiscombe gained two first places.
The safety boat, helmed by Findlay Fuller, was kept occupied, as was the OppieRib .

Meanwhile, Fraser Earle and Simon Boyle were also kept busy as they took Rescue 1 to Beer to support the safety team at Beer SC at their Laser Masters Open meeting.
Racing continues on Wednesday evenings as well as Sundays, with separate series and training three times each week.


Early Spring Series – Overall after 3 Races

1. Jon Turner and Katie Frost, Merlin (2,2,1)
2. Chris Turner, Phantom (1,4,2)
3. Mike and Jane Calvert, Merlin (6,1,4)
4. Hugh Duncan, K1 (3,8,6)


1. Rob and Margaret Wiscombe (1,1)
2. Rob and Sharyn Walker (2,2)
3. Simon Williams (-, 3)

Optimists Race 11

1. Archie Melville
2. Ed Stubbs
3. Raff Porter

Race 12

1. Archie Melville
2. Ed Stubbs