Sailing diary 23rd July 2017

Changing Conditions for the RNLI Tankard Series

20 dinghies set off for racing at Lyme today, facing a variety of conditions including heavy downpours over the 3 hours that the series lasted. Good SW breezes, with significant shifts only toward the end of the morning, made for close sailing over the short courses, only 3 minutes separating the first 6 finishers in race 1.

Hugh Duncan had a retirement in race 2 when the keel of his K1 became detached leading to a difficult capsize situation. Ray Waspe helming the safety boat assisted, commended by Race Officer Keith Thompson for his efficient response, and Hugh returned safely to shore.

Meanwhile, close competition between the RS 800s who took the lead, saw them finish with barely a minute between them in the first races, while delays due to recovery of Hugh’s K1 before race 3, added to the rain, meant only 8 competed in that. Simon Heusen sailed consistently to gain 3 thirds. Dave Stubbs improved to second in race 3, while Jim Thomas tried out his new RS Aero 7.

Newly joining the club from Beer, experienced helm James Green and his crew won the trophy.
The RNLI Pennant race will be held on Wednesday.

Race 1
1. James Green and B Rhodes, RS800
2. Cameron and Darrol Moss, RS 800
3. Simon Heusen, Phantom

  Race 2
1. James Green and B Rhodes, RS800
2. Cameron and Darrol Moss, RS800
3. Simon Heusen, Phantom

 Race 3
1. James Green and B Rhodes, RS800
2 Dave Stubbs, RS 100
3. Simon Heusen, Phantom

1. James Green and BRhodes
2. Simon Heusen
3. Cameron and Darrol Moss
4. Dave Stubbs


Reported by Sally Holman