Sailing 17th June

Good SW winds with Lyme’s familiar rolling waves, brought out an enthusiastic fleet of 17 racing dinghies, reminding everyone of what they’d been missing all season. But it also tested some as the wind increased to F5 through the morning and meant only 6 completed all three races in the Super Series.

Race Officer Joss Kent noted the challenging conditions, especially for the lighter crews, with 9 failing to finish the first race. But that is not to distract from the skill and determination of all the sailors, returning to shore safely at whatever stage. Out for the first time in their beautifully restored Merlin, familiar as Scorpion sailors, Tim and Sarah Parsons had expected to have to make some gear adjustments, and Joe Joyner was without the weight of his usual crew.

Loving the conditions, Cameron and Darrol Moss flew round the course and gained two Firsts, with Jeff Vander Borght taking the second race. Most consistent otherwise were Jerry Rook with Jake Stow, (4,3,2), though Guy Woodhouse and Andy Robinson were well up in close contention early on.

Results Overall

1. Cameron and Darrol Moss RS 800 (1, 5,1)
2. Jerry Rook and Jake Stow, Albacore (4,3,2)
3. Jeff Vanderbilt Borght, K1,(5,1,3.5)
Reported by sally Holman