Racing Diary 9th October 2016

Racing at LRSC Sunday 9 Oct

The second weekend of the October series gave sailors much better conditions for keen competition, with 19 turning out to enjoy the breezy sunshine.

The start line is set at 90 degrees to the wind, so the offshore NE encouraged many to start at the pin end on port tack, but a 30degree shift to the north meant those who held to a starboard tack benefitted by ending up on the ley line to the windward mark while the early advantage on port did not pay off. Race officer Tony Fastnedge described the wind as unpredictable but there were no course changes and the average lap calculations for positions gave him the chance to run an hour long first race followed by 2 further shorter races without the faster boats having to wait for slower boats to finish before the next start.

The top three finishes shared the top spots between them in different combinations during the morning, so scored equal points. This leaves Cameron Moss ahead overall with Colin Walters runner up. Seven races remain in this series. Results October Series

Race 4

  1. Jon Turner and Max Helston, Merlin
  2. Cameron and Darrol Moss, RS800
  3. Allan and Chrissey Tyler, Fireball

Race 5

  1. Cameron and Darrol Moss, RS800
  2. Allan and Chrissey Tyler, Fireball
  3. Jon Turner and Max Helston. , Merlin

Race 6

  1. Allan and Chrissey Tyler, Fireball
  2. Jon Turner and Max Helston, Merlin
  3. Cameron and Darrol Moss, RS 800


Cameron Moss helms from the wire downwind


Perfect balance. Allan and co Chrissey Tyler tack upwind


Concentrating in the lighter patches, Jon and Richard focus on their sails on the run Photos are of the three top competitors…..