Racing Diary 26th June 2016

Three races held in steady light winds were run by Joe Joyner and Will Broom, including the Seamanship Trophy which demanded manoeuvres and exercises to add to boat speed skills and was the highlight.

New on the water for the Series races were two new design Hydren H2 dinghies, one sailed by the boat builder and one by club youth sailor Jake Stow. Jake has taken every opportunity to crew with experienced dinghy racers this season, and was pleased to beat designer Keith Callaghan in race one and come close behind him in race two, a remarkable performance. Other youth members trialled the boats over the weekend and were impressed with performance though price wise they remain out of reach.

Race 6 of the Super Series, a 2 leg upwind/downwind course, saw Jon Turner back on form to take the lead from Cameron and Darrol Moss by 60 seconds in 47 minutes, with Martin Moore beating Chris Thorne to hold fourth place, and just pipped by Dom Bowns in third.

Race 7 was a 3 leg triangular course but still John and Richard held the lead from Cameron and Darroll who beat Dave Stubbs and. Paul Aitken to take second by only 40 seconds.

The Seamanship Trophy , a race including sailing backwards, sailing without a rudder, performing a capsize, saw the fleet reduced to 6 entries. Cameron and Darroll took part, though their RS 800 is almost impossible to sail without a rudder due to the balance required, and youth crew Max Whittome and Chet Gillespie shone to hold second place. Singlehanded boats also have difficulty with the manoeuvres.

Race Officer Joe Joyner commented:

‘Cameron and Daryl took the initial lead in their RS800, but after missing the lifejacket pick-up at the windward mark Tony Fastenedge’s 505 with Jeremy White trapezing slipped past.

At the gybe mark everyone removed their rudders and the really challenging leg began. The RS800 was struggling to head in the right direction (with no rudder) and Dave Guthrie (Phantom) looked like he was making a comeback but the strong tide was taking him too far downwind. Then Martin More and his dad Neil showed some skill, overtaking half the fleet and completing their 720 (a penalty double circle turn) capsize and reverse sailing without wasting any time to win the race.’

Assistant race officer Will add a comment:

‘Our prize for the best seamanship effort goes to Simon Ransome Williams and his 10-year-old daughter competing in their first cup race. Simon’s excellent dry capsize was at the cost of his daughter’s dunking but saved valuable time to place them above the K1 (Hugh Duncan) and RS800 (Cameron and Darrol).’


Super Series Race 6

  1. Jon Turner and Richard Parsloe (Merlin)
  2. Cameron and Darrol Moss (RS 800)
  3. Dom Bowns and Jim (Melin)


Super Series Race 7

  1. Jon Turner and Richard Parsloe (Merlin)
  2. Cameron and Darrol Moss (RS 800)
  3. Dave Stubbs and. Paul Aitken (RS 400)


Seamanship Trophy

  1. Martin and Neil Moore (Scorpion)
  2. Max Whittome and Chet Gillespie (Buzz)
  3. Dave Guthrie ( Phantom)
  4. Simon Ransome Williams (Laser 3000)
  5. Hugh Duncan (K1)
  6. Cameron and Darrol Moss (RS 800)


Reported by Sally Holman