Prescott Trophy 30th October 2016

The Prescott Trophy, traditionally sailed in fancy dress and the last race of the main sailing season, was held on Sunday in what race officer Pete Thomas described as ‘enjoyable if not exciting.’

A line-up of crews in various outfits over their sailing gear was followed by the 16 competitors drifting out to the start, but after the first series race, the Prescott Trophy benefited from a breeze which kept the fleet moving steadily. Sunshine and warm temperatures are unusual for this stage of the season, and the first four on handicap finished within a minute of each other after an hour long race. Jerry Rook and Helen Bruno had a 20 second lead over Colin Walters and Simon Law. The first 9 boats completed the race within 5 minutes of search other.

The winter season continues for a handful of keen racers until Christmas. The Youth Section prize giving takes place next Saturday before the town fireworks.


Crews lined up for the Prescott Trophy on Sunday.


Prescott Trophy

  1. Jerry Rook and Helen Bruno, Albacore
  2. Colin Walters and Simon Law, Albacore
  3. Joe Joyner and Will Broom, RS800
  4. Pete Morton, Albacore


Reported by Sally Holman